​​​What People Are Saying about   Between 2 Gods:

Trudy Metzger has taken the tragic and painful experiences of childhood sexual and physical abuse, and started an inspiring ministry to those who have been harmed by abuse. She shares her story in a heartfelt and genuine way with those who attend her conferences. Her powerful message and prayer ministry changes many lives. In this gripping story, that will reach thousands more, she walks you through her years growing up and shares the abuse that she experienced and how she survived things that no child should ever have to endure. But as sad and dark as her story is, it has a happy ending. Every survivor needs hope and when you read her book you will come away with the feeling that ‘if God could help heal Trudy than He can help heal me’. I would encourage you to read her book and consider what God can do in your life.
~ Dale Ingraham, Pastor for 31 years, Executive director of ‘Speaking Truth In Love Ministries’, President of MKSafetyNet, Author of ‘Tear Down This Wall’

Trudy's story is gut-wrenchingly real to the core. Her telling of it leaves nothing out, as she relives one raw encounter after another. How she survived is a testament to her strong will and tenacity, birthed out of her need to be loved. Gripping, stunning and heartbreaking, yet victorious.
~ Kelita Haverland - comedian, speaker, singer/songwriter--5 time Juno nominee

"Wow! Your story had me riveted! You gave the raw facts with hope at the end, and left it hanging just enough to make me want to read the next book! I found myself praying NO, not more harm! Can't anyone protect her? But I understand why an abuser can pick out one who had been abused and why that person feels like they have no voice. God have mercy on the innocents out there going thru this very life right now. I didn't pick up any attitude toward our Mennonite culture. You were recounting your life and this really did happen. Facts are facts. That's the problem... People want to sweep it under the rug in the plain churches and I think this would help expose it. But, you better have your prayer warriors in high alert. Satan does not like sin exposed and there are people who will look for lots to try to discredit your story. But, our God is GREATER!"
~ T. Miller


Just finished reading Between 2 Gods… (I’m way behind in housework now, thank you very much!) Wow… wow! I couldn't stop reading. Sometimes I wonder if there will be a special jewel in the crown for those who came face to face with the devil for battle, and kept pursuing truth. Your story is beautiful like an old house with overgrown weeds and broken windows, renovated by God's grace into a beautiful mansion. You are one of the bravest people I know, to put your story out there like that.
 ~ Monica Orr

You took me through the trenches with you, Trudy. I felt your pain, sensed your fear, imagined your terror, and went numb, as I traveled through your memories. And my heart broke. My tears silently followed each other down my cheeks as I walked through the pages that is your history. Your story. This was not an easy book to read, yet I was drawn to it. I understand the reality of the pain, confusion, and hunger for the truth that you so eloquently describe. You write from the viewpoint of the Mennonite culture because that is what you were born into. And I know you understand that the crimes that were committed against you, and those you witnessed, are not restricted to our culture. Your testimony is a heart cry for the Truth, a desire to feel the Love of Our God and Creator, something we are all born with. The atrocities you survived are universal, not bound by denominations, ethnic groups, religions, races, or continents. We are born into this sinful world and are subject to the cruelties done to us by those in positions of authority over us. Your tenacious spirit was tagged before you were even conceived, by our Creator. I see His gentle hand guiding and directing you throughout your story. And those blue eyes never stopped searching for Him. Demanding answers. Your book will bring strong reactions. Your story will bring healing.

~ Helen Reddekopp

Trudy has shared her heart...shared her pain ... and shared her healing, which is a lifetime process. Brilliantly and interestingly written, this book deserves recognition on a large scale. Trudy's story has a powerful potential of being therapeutic in the lives of other wounded souls. This is a story of redemption and resilience during what seemed to be hopeless situations.Her search for God is touching and full of grace and hope! 
Becky Jenkinson

Trudy's victory over these circumstances and her ministry today are a wonderful testimony to the power of the love of God. The hurdles she had to overcome are tragic and should never happen in the name of religion but she was able to allocate the grace of God to find hope and healing that she is now able to share with others. Her book is the story of a beautiful life rising from the ashes of dysfunction and abuse and is an inspiration. 
T. C. Ryness

I deeply appreciated how she pointed out things that are faults in the churches without bashing her culture. 
Talitha Lepp


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